Pat Johnson & Dick Outcalt, Co-Founders,

A Difference-Maker for CPAs

At their core, most accountants aren’t motivated by numbers, they’re motivated to help people. They want to be seen as a valuable resource, not as a commodity that’s easily replaced. We get that.

And today, business owners want their accountant to be much more than a bookkeeper. They want a “business advisor.” They want to rely on you to guide them as they make financial decisions for their business.

There’s just one problem. Many accountants assume they need to be an expert in the client’s business in order to help them. Wrong.

But you are not an expert in their business. You’re an expert in accounting.

And frankly, that expertise – that financial insight and perspective – is what clients want from their accountants. 

In the 30+ years we’ve been working directly with business owners and decision-makers of all kinds, we’ve built an online robust toolset which includes all you need 

  • to quickly show clients pro forma P&Ls and integrated cash flow projections;

  • to easily compare performance to industry KPIs;

  • to help business owners entertain a variety of ”What if…?” scenarios so they can make better business decisions, all without you having to comment with “advice.”

We know there are thousands more business owners who need and want this kind of financial insight. How best to reach those owners? By offering access to these Toolkits to accountants. 

That’s why we have built the subscription service. We want to put our Strata:G Toolkits in the hands of the people who know the numbers (accountants, bookkeepers, CPAs), so they can help the people that know the business (owners).

Now’s the time to see for yourself. Here’s how you can easily do that, without any on-going commitments:)

  1. Sign up and get immediate access to all Strata:G Toolkits (Subscribe month-to-month; no long-term commitment required.)
  2. Choose the industry-specific Strata:G Toolkit most appropriate for your client. We have Toolkits customized for Restaurants, Retail Operations, Professional Firms, and Service Businesses. (Clients appreciate that focus on their issues.)
  3. Meet with business owners, and discover with them CFO-level Insights Strata-G shows for their business

The "What if...?" power of Strata:G is particularly compelling (for both your client and you!) See how much value clients get from their time with you.

Stop your firm from being seen as a commodity practice.

Instead, use Strata:G to grow your people, grow your practice, and grow the value you bring to your clients.

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