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Strata:G® Solutions
For Business Advisors

(That's "strategy." Every business needs one!)

The Friendly Strata:G Way To Fresh Perspectives,
New Insights, And Timely Business Decisions
With Business Owners 



An Advisor's Greatest Value Is To Help Clients Strategize About Their Business' Future

But Most Accounting Tools Are Focused On The Past

With Strata-G, business owners relish the dynamics of playing "What if...?" 

Seeing and comparing the financial implications of various strategic choices, in real time, in advance, at the “executive summary” level is empowering! 

Armed with these insights and perspective, the owner then can make more confident and timely business decisions. Powerful! 

“Who knew these numbers could be so useful? I’ll gladly pay you for THIS!”

See For Yourself







"We are using it for restaurants with cash flow issues to help them see it in real time, and it has been impactful.

Overall it has been well received by staff, who see how it can be helpful."

–Accounting Firm Owner


How to Use STRATA:G

Use Strata:G
Financial Modeling Calculators
To Show, Not Tell

You facilitate the conversation as the numbers person, and your client is the industry expert who can easily suggest the “What if....?” choices to consider.

Using the Strata:G What If calculators you can show the crucial financial outcomes – pro forma P&L and integrated Cash Flow projections – of each set of assumptions.

These sophisticated financial modeling tools are disarmingly low-key and approachable.They show business owners the cause-effect financial connections they can manage. Empowering!

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Use Strata:G 
Key Metrics Tools
To Provide Perspective

Show a business owner the Key Financial Ratios for businesses like theirs. 

Next, most owners quickly ask, "Well, what are mine? How does my business compare?"  The conversation has begun!

Whether they have a Restaurant, a Retail Business, a Service Business, or a Professional Firm, there is an industry-customized Strata:G Key Ratios Calculator to answer their questions in a flash. And open the door to more conversations.

Strata:G Helps You Avoid

“What Do You Think I Should Do?” Culpability

Your Team Knows Numbers
Your Clients Know Their Business

You want your clients to succeed, but offering "advice" can be risky.

We created the Strata:G Solutions subscription service so that every business advisor can avoid that risk.

Now, when clients ask "Do you think this will work?", you can simply say,

“Let’s use Strata:G to see how it impacts your profits and cash flow.”

Providing Client Value Has Never Been Easier (Or Less Expensive)

The Strata:G projecting calculators have been built with the end-user in mind – that is, the business owner. The ones who need to make decisions that have considerable financial impact.

The Strata:G approach – guided by their trusted advisor – enables business owners to see, compare, and decide for themselves what choices to make for their business. 

That's why they look forward to regular meetings going forward. Thanks to Strata:G's integrated projections, they can gain more financial perspective and objectivity.

Strata:G Solutions: A Difference-Maker For Accountants, Bookkeepers, CPAs

Making Money. Having Fun. And Doing Good!

Doesn’t Every Accountant Aspire To That?

With the Strata:G Solutions, any accountant, bookkeeper, or CPA can deliver objectivity, perspective, and more strategic value to clients, based on numbers, not opinion. 

Dynamic and interactive, Strata:G opens the door to valued and rewarding business relationships.