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Strata:G Toolkits for Restaurants

The Strata:G sophisticated financial modeling tools – disarmingly low-key and approachable - focus on key financial levers, the key “manageable variables” that matter to restaurant owners. Each Strata:G Toolkit includes:

STRATA:G® pro forma P&L and Integrated Cash Flow Calculator 
Built for projecting, not accounting.
With only a few inputs, Strata:G immediately projects pro forma monthly P&L, plus integrated Cash Flow.

Don't like that outcome? Use Strata:G's "What if...?" powers! Change an input; immediately show impact on profits and cash. Make another change; show those results. In real time!

Strata:G Toolkits for Restaurants

Each Strata:G Toolkit also includes:

Reference Key Financial Ratios Benchmarks – 4 separate verticals
Show owners the Key Performance Indicator benchmarks for the median-performing restaurants in their NAICS industry vertical. A great Conversation Starter.
STRATA:G® Key Ratios Calculator for Restaurants 
“What are my ratios? And how do they compare?”
With inputs from the client’s financial statement, the Strata:G Key Ratios Calculator immediately shows the client the Key Financial Ratios for their business, and compares them to the built-in industry benchmarks for their NAICS vertical.

Every one of these "tools of engagement" has been designed to be used with a restaurant owner, whether in person or via video conference. They are for projecting, for comparing "what if...?" choices. 

These tools quickly provide the key insights – the "Ahas!" – that underlie strategic business decisions.

More than anything, these are for relationship building with your clients. Each one enables you to "show, not tell." Powerful!

Whatever your retail clients' questions or issues, now you can sit with them and explore the possibilities.

  • Compare and contrast the financial implications, in real time.
  • Learn from their questions and concerns.
  • Discover their appetite for risk, their vision for the future.
  • Enable them to make informed business decisions (and maybe even to develop a new-found appreciation for "the numbers!")


Quick Reference KPIs for Restaurants

Splendid for "conversation starters."

See Key Financial Benchmarks for more