Pat Johnson & Dick Outcalt, Co-Founders,

Yes, we agree. Strata-G Calculators are different. They are for Big Picture pro forma projections, not granular analysis. They’re for building relationships with clients. And get this: they are built specifically for working WITH owners of businesses. Strata:G Toolkits are "power tools for decision-makers."

Why do businesses fail? They fail financially. They run out of cash. How does that happen? Owners do not see their alternatives, their options, in advance. They don't see "What if...?" projections of Profits and Cash Flow in advance.

Yes, with a Strata-G Toolkit, any accountant, bookkeeper or CPA can help any business make more confident decisions based on numbers, not opinions. It IS a breakthrough! Strata-G can be a breakthrough for marketing or recruiting, too.

At their core, most accountants aren’t motivated by numbers, they’re motivated to help people. They want to be seen as a valuable resource, not as a commodity that’s easily replaced. And frankly, your expertise – that financial insight and perspective – is what clients want from their accountants, to be applied to the future. That's where Strata-G Toolkits come in.

You want to make meaningful, monthly connections with clients. But if all you're going to do is review past performance, you run the risk of making the client feel like they are being graded. Or worse, being scolded. Yikes!

Just to be clear: Strata:G Toolkits are not just another accounting tool. Instead, Strata:G Toolkits are financial modeling tools enabling any accountant to work with business decision-makers.

We can show your people how to use the Strata-G Toolkits with your clients. All they need is a basic understanding of financial statements, and a free Zoom session with us.

We believe there’s a huge, unmet need among business owners for advisory services based on numbers, not opinions. And accountants and CPAs are perfectly positioned to take advantage of it. But, you need the right tools to do the job right. That’s why we created the Strata:G Toolkits for CPAs, online at We have a vision for what an accountant COULD be.

In the past, CPAs and accountants were behind-the- scenes running the numbers, keeping everything in compliance, and focused on taxes. But today, business owners want a “business advisor”. The problem is: you are not an expert in their business. You’re an expert in accounting. Offering "business advice" comes with a risk of culpability.


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