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Looking to Engage With Business Owners And
Provide Strategic Value?

Accountants typically focus on analyzing historical data.

But by projecting pro forma P&Ls and integrated Cash Flows for multiple 
"What if...?" scenarios, any accountant can help business owners make proactive
business decisions based on numbers, not opinion.






Integrated Financial Modeling Power


Provide More Client Value

Create More Revenue



Integrated Financial Modeling Power

Strata:G Toolkits enable real-time projections of pro forma P&L's and integrated Cash Flows. Entertain multiple “What if...” scenarios while you’re on the call with your client.

Help them compare the impact on profits and cash flow of their decision choices – while they still have time to consider alternatives.


Industry-Specific KPIs Add Perspective

Show your clients how they stack up to others in their industry. Key Performance Indicators for 67 NAICS business verticals provide immediate perspective. 

Then, the industry-specific Strata:G KPI Calculator is ready to answer the client's next question: "Well, what are my KPIs? How do they compare?"


Gateway to Advisory Services

Strata:G is not limited to calculators and toolkits.

It also is a proven approach to engaging with business owners on strategic financial issues, showing them how their plans "pencil out." This is powerful and motivating information for business owners. 


There's a STRATA:G Toolkit that's best for each of your clients.

Choose the one that "talks their language."



Full Service Restaurants
Limited-Service Restaurants
Drinking Places - Alcoholic Beverages
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Professional Firms

Advertising Agencies 
Audiology Therapists 
CPA Offices 
Engineering Firms
Insurance Agencies 
Management Consultants 
Marketing Consultants Optometrists
Other Medical & Health Practices
Physicians Offices & Clinics
Veterinary Clinics

Service Businesses

Automotive Repair 
Beauty Salons 
Business Associations 
Car Washes 
Funeral Homes 
Other Personal Care Services
Pet Care 
Religious Organizations

Retail Operations

Apparel & Accessories Retailers
Building Materials Retailers
Food & Beverage Retailers
Furniture & Home Furnishings Retailers
General Merchandise Retailers
Health & Personal Care Products Retailers
Motor Vehicles Dealers 
Specialty Retailers


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