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77 Business Niches • Four Industries • Five Years of Results • Focus on Six Key Metrics

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Industry Verticals

About These Benchmarks

  • The Business Strata:G® Toolkits site publishes key financial performance Benchmark data in exclusive Five-Year Trend Charts for 77 individual business verticals within four industries:
    • Restaurants
    • Professional Firms
    • Service Businesses
    • Retail Businesses

  • The Industry Verticals featured at the Business Strata:G® site reflect the definitions and designations of the North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS).

  • Each of these verticals has its own Benchmarks page on our site. The top of each page includes the NAICS code and the NAICS definition for that industry segment.

  • For each industry, we have identified up to six key ratios as particularly important for owners to monitor, project, and manage. 
    • Gross Margin Percent
    • Operating Expense Percent
    • Pre-Tax Profit Percent
    • Current Ratio
    • Debt-to-Worth Ratio
    • Inventory Turnover
    • GMROI (Gross Margin Return on Inventory Investment)
    • Accounts Receivable, Average Days Sales Outstanding
    • Officers, Owners Compensation Percent

  • As is noted on each Benchmarks page, the source data is Risk Management Association's Annual Statement Studies. As you may know, RMA collects financial statements from banks, and aggregates the findings for all industries.

  • RMA presents their data in 3 sections: the Top Quartile, the Middle Quartiles, the Bottom Quartile. 

  • Our exclusive Benchmark Trend Charts show the median value reported by RMA for each of these key ratios each year. 

  • We then chart the Five-Year Trends of these key ratio performance metrics for each vertical in all four industries, and make these five-year trend charts publicly-available on as a complimentary service for owners and those who work with owners.